Who Do We Help?

icl is dedicated to developing IMPACTFUL COLLABORATIONS & collaborative public leaders

Here's our Mission Statement: In 1992, the Institute for Collaborative Leadership (ICL) was founded as a public charity dedicated to strengthening progressive public sector collaborations by advancing knowledge, skills and effective practice of collaborative leadership in all sectors through research, training, advocacy and best practice. Today, ICL retains this mission as a private thinktank, coaching and training corporation.

Launched in Chicago's Loop with a national board of directors, today ICL is based on the Genesee River in Rochester NY with programs and resources supporting nonprofit, civic, government, preK-12 and higher education clients around the world.

The progressive principles of social justice, anti-hate and antiracism are proud features of the work of ICL.

Helping public leaders make a positive difference, collectively ... since 1992.

You choose to work with us, we invest in you. Whether it's a team of professionals trying to strengthen their collaboration, a group of students hoping to be inspired, or an individual wanting to expand upon their leadership abilities, we can get you where you want to be.

We have the experience necessary to help you reach your full potential. Start collaborating today and contact us to start exploring your growth!

Groups We Can Help

Community Schools & Colleges

Foundations/Philanthropy Groups

Networks of Nonprofit Executives

Social Justice Networks & Organizations

Public Administration/Leadership

City Managers

Chambers of Commerce

K-12 Education

NPOs/nonprofit organizations

Community Health

Municipal Government