Change happens best when we work collaboratively. We are thrilled to offer our customized keynote speaking services with our founder, Dr. Hank Rubin. Dr. Rubin is an exceptional public speaker who brings decades of experience in collaborative leadership and objective social analysis. He approaches his work through a combination of sage expertise and engaging storytelling, and his courage to speak truth to power has earned him numerous accolades, including awards for his participatory public speaking.

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Make Change Happen!

Hank Rubin's customized keynote speaking will light a fire under your team and provide practical steps to make change happen. This is not just theory; this is based on proven models Dr. Rubin has honed before - and since - founding the Institute of Collaborative Leadership in 1992.

Hank draws on decades of experience as a public, nonprofit, philanthropic and education leader; doctoral training in leadership and the social sciences; award winning speaking, coaching and service as a superintendent, commissioner, dean, director, professor, vice president, and more. Dr. Rubin is a pre-eminent authority - and an approachably plain-speaking expert - on collaborative leadership.

Dr. Rubin's expertise in this field is unparalleled, and his speeches will inspire your team to become better leaders.

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Transformation Happens When You Invest in Local Leaders

Our goal is to help you invest in your local leaders and provide them with the tools to make change within their communities. Dr. Rubin believes in the power of collaboration and knows that local leaders are the backbone of any community.


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Challenging Your Assumptions

Dr. Rubin's speeches will challenge your team's assumptions and make them think about things in new and innovative ways. Through his speeches, your team will come up with fresh ideas on how to approach community problems.

Dr. Rubin has a gift for storytelling. His speeches are peppered with anecdotes that keep audiences engaged and invested. He speaks with energy and enthusiasm that will leave your team feeling motivated and excited to put his ideas into practice. Dr. Rubin draws on decades of dynamic public leadership, drawing on his personal experience tackling some of the most significant social issues of our time. His experience in this area is invaluable, and his speeches are a call to action for all who hear them.

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Values, Vision, and Relationships

With a core focus on values, vision, and relationships, Dr. Rubin establishes the foundation of collaborative leadership.

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Values/Principles define how we lead.

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Vision/Purpose defines why we lead.

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  • Through Relationships we recruit and engage the People who share our Values to achieve our Vision.

Unlocking Leaders' Capacity to Make Change Happen

Dr. Rubin's speeches have helped countless nonprofit, education, community, and government leaders unleash their full potential to make change happen in their communities. Dr. Rubin is the author of the bestselling book, Collaborative Leadership (Corwin Press, 2009), which is viewed internationally as one of the leading texts in this field. With Dr. Rubin's guidance, your team will be able to identify obstacles to change and harness the power of collaboration to overcome them.

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More Action, Less Talk

At The Institute for Collaborative Leadership, we firmly believe that change happens when we work together. Our customized keynote speaking services with Dr. Hank Rubin will help your team make change a reality. With a focus on values, vision, and relationships, Dr. Rubin will unlock your team's potential to make a lasting impact in your community. Invest in your leaders, invest in change, and let us help you make a difference. Contact Hank, discuss what you want your public speaking engagement to achieve, and he'll develop it to meet your objectives.