Leadership Development for your Whole Team

Leadership is often associated with individualism and independence, but at the Institute for Collaborative Leadership (ICL), we believe that no one leads alone. It is essential to work together to build a leadership team that is united by a shared purpose and values. Dr. Hank Rubin, a seasoned leadership coach, is here to help you navigate this journey toward collaborative leadership. 

We offer customized team coaching and leadership development programs to help teams build successful collaborative cultures. We can help provide you with the skills and tools you need to bring lasting improvements to your team's performance. Get more information and reach out to our team to get started with team coaching and training today!

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Lead for a Change

As leaders, we all want to make a difference in the world. But change cannot happen alone. Collaborative leadership is about bringing together a diverse group of individuals who share a common purpose. Dr. Hank Rubin's experience in leadership coaching has shown him that when individuals work together toward a shared vision, they can achieve remarkable change.

Lead for a change” is more than a clever double entendre … it’s why you lead and why we coach!

At the Institute for Collaborative Leadership, we offer team coaching programs that can help elevate your team's performance. Our coaches are experienced collaborative leadership professionals who will work with your team to provide the strategies and techniques necessary for success. By understanding the challenges your team is facing and helping them find solutions, our team coaching programs can strengthen collaborative leadership skills.

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Invest in Local Leaders

Collaborative leadership is about investing in local leaders. Dr. Hank Rubin's work with nonprofit, education, community, and government leaders has shown him that the most impactful changes happen at the local level. Investing in local leaders allows them to take ownership of their communities and lead with a vision for the future.

We'll work with all members of your leadership team to strengthen the collaboration and build a sustained culture and skillset of collaborative leadership.


Values, Vision, and Relationships

At the core of collaborative leadership are values, vision, and relationships. Dr. Hank Rubin's focus on values, vision, and relationships is what sets him apart from other leadership coaches. By aligning individual values with the organization's vision, leaders can create a shared purpose that inspires their team to work towards a common goal.

About Hank

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Unlock Your Capacity to Make Change

At ICL, we believe that transformation happens when you invest in local leaders. Dr. Hank Rubin's work with nonprofit, education, community, and government leaders has helped them unlock their capacity to make change happen. By focusing on values, vision, and relationships, leaders can empower their teams to work towards a shared purpose, making a significant impact on their community and beyond. When you choose the Institute for Collaborative Leadership as your Team Leadership Coach you can expect to:

  • Solve real problems your collaboration is facing

  • Build your Leadership Team

  • Promote a culture of collegiality within your collaboration

  • Meet your goals

  • Build sustainability into your collaboration


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Let’s Work Together

Collaborative leadership is about working together towards a shared goal. Dr. Hank Rubin's coaching style promotes collaboration, communication, and teamwork. His leadership coaching services are designed to help individuals and teams realize their full potential by developing their leadership skills and fostering a culture of collaboration.

We tailor training to meet your authentic leadership and organizational needs, leading to improved productivity and better team dynamics. With the right team leadership coaching services, teams can improve their ability to work together and produce meaningful results. Our team coaching services in the Rochester area, or online, are centered around:

  • A strategy and approach unique to your organization

  • Sustained improvement of collaboration

  • Clear development of effective communication

  • Greater productivity

  • Development of effective leadership

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Leadership Development for Collaborative Environments

Our leadership development programs are designed to provide collaborative leaders with the necessary knowledge and resources to help them succeed in collaborative environments. Our team of collaborative leadership experts offers a variety of strategies, techniques, and practices that will help your collaborative leader become more capable in their role. By understanding the collaborative leadership landscape and developing collaborative leadership skills, our team can help you create successful collaborative leadership teams.

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Focus on the Steps You Can Take

Making change happen is not always easy, but Dr. Hank Rubin's coaching can help you and your team focus on the steps you can take toward achieving your goals. Hank's focus on values, vision, and relationships provides a roadmap for leaders to achieve their vision. By working together towards a shared purpose, leaders can inspire their teams to take action and make change happen.

Literary Works & Tools

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Gain the Skills You Need to Overcome Challenges

At the Institute for Collaborative Leadership, we are passionate about collaborative leadership and dedicated to helping collaborative leaders gain the skills they need to succeed. Our programs provide collaborative leadership training and development that can help your team overcome challenges and improve their performance. Our team is committed to providing collaborative leadership support, guidance, and resources to help you take collaborative groups to the next level.

Leadership is not an individual pursuit. Collaborative leadership is about investing in local leaders, aligning values with vision, and building relationships that empower individuals and teams to work towards a shared purpose. Dr. Hank Rubin's leadership coaching services at the Institute for Collaborative Leadership promote collaboration, communication, and teamwork, providing a roadmap for leaders to achieve their goals. Let's lead for a change and work together to build a better future for all. Contact us today to learn more about how our leadership development programs can help you reach your collaborative leadership goals.

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