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Coaching & Training Collaborative Leaders Since 1992

Welcome to The Institute of Collaborative Learning (ICL), where we specialize in coaching and training collaborative leaders and nonprofit board members for collective impact. Our individual coaching services provide personalized guidance for leaders seeking to enhance their collaborative skills and achieve specific goals. Our team coaching services focus on building a culture of trust, enhancing collaborative performance, and achieving shared goals. And with Dr. Hank Rubin's public speaking services, your organization can benefit from his decades of experience as an engaging storyteller, objective social analyst, and dynamic public leader.

Hank and ICL are cited as launching the study of public sector "collaborative leadership" (click here), as defining the difference between "collaboration" versus "collective impact" (click here), and even with inventing the fun word "pracademic" (click here)!

Since 1992, we've helped organizations protect and serve the interests of children and families, education, public health and safety, and more.

This work has never been more important!

Our expert guidance and tools can help your organization build and manage effective public partnerships, measure their impact, and make a positive difference in your community. Contact us today to learn more.

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EXPERIENCE: ICL has been around since 1992 with coaching, training and publications for public sector collaborations, leaders and change agents.

EXPERTISE: Our founder, Hank Rubin, "wrote the book on this stuff." Hank's award-winning speaking, training and coaching help collaborations and collaborative leaders make change happen.

PURPOSE: Grounded in scholarship and decades of hands-on public sector leadership experience, ICL was founded as the nation's first thinktank and training center dedicated to Collaborative Leadership.

DEDICATED TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Today ICL is uniquely positioned to help nonprofit, philanthropic and civic collaborations and collaborative leaders make a positive difference ... collectively.

If you're the kind of leader who wants to lead for a change, contact ICL for a free exploration.

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Collaborative Leadership: Developing Effective Partnerships for Communities & Schools

ICL-founder, Hank Rubin, wrote the book on Collaborative Leadership ... and it became an international bestseller!

Now, in its 2nd edition, the book that introduced the tools, principles, models and stories that launched ICL has been used by leaders, trainers, students, planners, evaluators and editorialists around the world.

(A quick search of Wikipedia shows the definitions of Collaborative Leadership and Collective Impact draw on Hank's writings derived from this book.)

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Executive Coaching

Work directly with Hank Rubin ... and benefit from his decades of street-level leadership experience and award-winning scholarship. Whether you're a current of rising leader, ICL's one-on-one and group coaching will help you build your skills and confidence to design, lead, diagnose, repair, kick-start and strengthen your coalitions, networks, boards, task forces and more.

We'll work with you until your coaching goals are met ... and be around to support you for as long as you need us.

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Advanced Leadership Seminars

Advanced Leadership Seminars from ICL offer a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills alongside teams from within your network or peers from across the nation. Our seminars are designed to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to build, repair and lead effective collaborations in an ever-changing world. Through interactive activities and group conversations, you will gain the confidence and skills to build, lead and repair collaborative ventures that make change happen!. Join us and unlock the potential of your team!

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Tailored PANELS, KEYNOTES & workshopS

  • Elevate, inform and energize any conference, panel, program or event on leadership with Hank Rubin as your keynote, moderator, panelist or workshop facilitator.
  • Let's get creative together: Send the right message. Start the right conversation on topics including:
  • LEAD for a CHANGE!
  • Be a COLLABORATIVE Leader.
  • How to be an ANTIRACIST Leader!

  • Hank will work with you to ensure that, with "agile eloquence", his presentation is tailored to your collaboration and audience.

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The Benefit of Children©

ICL's LITTLE RED WAGON Pin and tboc© has been a featured swag item and instructional device for over 25 years.

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Our Coaching Services

At ICL, we believe leadership entails more than having a good heart and being a good manager ... Leadership is about change and the dynamic relationships you'll need to make change happen.

While other coaches focus on teaching management skills and exploring abstractions, ICL is dedicated to the belief that the purpose of leadership is change. We focus on how to achieve progressive, sustainable, values-based change through collaborative relationships with those who can help make it happen.

Want to breathe life into your collaboration? Want to start or strengthen a task force, alliance, coalition or board? Want to solve a local or regional problem involving people and organizations that have never worked together before ... or not worked together very well?

Our coaching will help you develop the skills, confidence and collaborative outcomes of progressive nonprofit, education and civic leaders.

Our coaching reflects our values: relationships, social justice and change. And we offer coaching and training in a variety of formats to suit diverse learning needs, cultural and organizational contexts:

  • One-on-one coaching (your pace and schedule)

  • Advanced leadership seminars

  • Public speaking

  • Peer-to-peer seminars

  • Team coaching

  • Online coaching opportunities

Get in touch with our team today to explore how ICL coaching can support your leadership.

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The Institute for Collaborative Leadership (ICL) was founded as a public charity dedicated to strengthening progressive public sector collaborations by advancing knowledge, skills and effective practice of collaborative leadership in all sectors through research, training, advocacy and best practice. Today, ICL retains this mission as a private thinktank, coaching and training corporation.