Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Hank’s favorite coaching is one-on-one. He’ll be your confidential partner, challenging you and sharing skills, perspectives, and critical thinking to help you be the leader you need to be. Schedule coaching sessions weekly or biweekly to meet your unique needs.


Helping Public Leaders Make A Positive Difference

Generally coaching is all that’s needed and exactly what’s called for; quiet counsel, a sounding board, an experienced and objective perspective that introduces the tools, rigors, and benefits of collaborative leadership into the reflection, planning, and action of leaders and leadership teams. Hank will be your experienced and comfortable mentor and friend, dependably sitting on your shoulder.

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What to Expect

Sometimes coaching may call for a more formal and expansive process of Partnership Planning. This process may include strategic targeting of professional development for staff and colleagues, collaboration audits, or retreats for new or existing collaborative partners and a strategic process that moves your collaboration measurably and sustainably towards your intended goals. No matter your goals, you’ll find ICL’s individual coaching is tailored to meet your needs.

About Dr. Hank Rubin


High-Value Executive Coaching Priced to Be Affordable

“Lead for a change” is more than a clever double entendre…it’s the reason – and outcome – of ICL coaching! Hank will help you lead through a lens of collaboration, values and vision.

  • Transformation happens when you invest in local leaders.

  • Hank’s focus is on values, vision, and relationships: all at the core of collaboration!

  • Hank’s work with nonprofit, education, community, and government leaders unlocks their capacity to make change happen.

  • When you want to do more than inspire people to think about change, Hank will focus you and your team on the steps you can each take to make change happen!

Who Do We Help?

Leadership Mentoring You Can Rely On

Whether you’re in need of a personal development coach, custom leadership coaching and mentoring, or a leadership development program, Hank and the Institute for Collaborative Leadership can help. Our executive coaching is priced to be affordable for nonprofit and community leaders, so you can make a real difference. Have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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